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Precice Flow Measurment for Industrial Excellence

In industrial operations, precision flow measurement is essential for quality, safety, process efficiency, and environmental protection. We offer a diverse range of flowmeter solutions to cater to various fluids such as water, natural gas, steam, mineral oil, and chemicals.

Choose the best-fit flowmeter from our comprehensive product selection to meet your specific process needs.

Customized Solutions for Process Precision

Whether it’s a single measuring point with communication capabilities or a comprehensive solution for advanced control systems, rest assured that our products are tailored to meet your unique process needs.

Flow Metering Innovations

In recent years, flow metering has seen significant advancements, especially when coupled with automated process control and cutting-edge communication interfaces like fieldbus systems. These innovations have opened up new avenues of application for flow measurement technology.

Diverse Flow Meter Solutions

You have the option to select from a range of measuring principles, including electromagnetic volume flow measurement, mass flow based on either the Coriolis or thermal principle, as well as volume flow measurement based on the vortex or ultrasonic principle.

Explore Flow Measurement Products

Industrial pipes and meters labeled with codes at Loading Bay 10.

Coriolis Mass

A row of industrial blue valves attached to white pipes in a well-lit facility.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

A series of industrial valves and blue cables organized along a wall in a dimly lit room.


A complex network of industrial pipes and valves in a factory setting.


A digital flow meter attached to a pipe system against a metallic background.

Thermal Mass

A close-up view of an intricate industrial machine with multiple pipes, valves, and cables.

Differential Pressure Measurement

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