Message from Our Team

Thank you for choosing nValid Precision Engineering as your trusted partner. We are deeply committed to being a “Value Added Service” within the Lao community.

Whether you’re visiting our website or our offices, we aim not only to meet your project and technical needs but also to share our values, vision, and the strategic direction we’re heading in.

At nValid Precision Engineering, our dedicated team is on a mission to bring innovative solutions to the Laos Mining and Power communities, enhancing our collective competitiveness on the global stage.

Our Commitment to Excellence

For years, nValid Precision Engineering has been serving Laos with a wide range of process automation and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) solutions.

As the trusted Distributor for Emerson Process Management, our engineers possess industry-focused application knowledge for Fisher Controls and Emerson Process Systems and Solutions. Whether your project involves a single piece of equipment, a fully engineered control system, or on-site engineering services, our local team is here to support you.

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Photo of an industrial plant with tall towers and pipes against a clear blue sky

Our Industry Expertise

Our expertise extends to various sectors, including Mining, Power Generation & Transmission, and Food & Beverage.

To ensure that your return on investment goals are met on time, we’ve made significant local investments in instrumentation, systems, and information management technology. Our site engineering services are available for start-up support, staff augmentation, or leadership, and we are dedicated to providing the latest technology solutions, backed by Smart Wireless and plant information portal technologies.

Our Commitment to You

In summary, nValid Precision Engineering is unwavering in its commitment to delivering process solutions that yield measurable business results, consistently meeting or exceeding customer requirements. We are ready to go the extra mile to create superior, long-term returns for our customers, principals, and ourselves.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be your partner in providing process solutions that deliver the returns you need.

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